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Also the, Ministry of Environment, like Finance, must take a long-range view of the environmental component of all activities.And the government needed to spend huge sum to revamp the situation.

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always used the earths resources and it is unreasonable now, with exploding populations, to expect them to stop. The crowding of people into urban areas requires sanitary, transport and

housing arrangements which are more complex and often more costly than those in the countryside, and all are accompanied by varying degrees of pollution. As the Chinese saying goes, those living on a mountain live off the mountain; those living near the water live off the water. For successful implementation, a change in pattern of governance is necessary. But, the value of this challenge becomes clear only when we realise that humanity is not distinct from nature but a part. Finally, if sustainable development has animation assignment ideas to move from mere wishful thinking and slogan-mongering into a reality, the world (developed and developing) as a whole has to move towards a New World john steinbeck essay Order in which new economic and technological orders are dovetailed. The process of resolving the perceived conflict between environment and development in all these issues, and the actual solutions that are worked out, will indicate whether the concept of sustainable development is implementable in a country like India. However, they did not concern these waste contains toxic substances that may cause damage to the river and lake and also, it is harmful for humans and aquatic animals. Estimates range anywhere from 6 to 13 billion people (Lutz 9). This definition has been offered by the World Commission on Environment and Development (wced) in its report Our Common Future (1987) and widely accepted. Responsive and effective institutions must be developed. The indicator of such technology is the maximum output of usable product with the use of minimum energy and generation of minimum pollution. There is need for a transition for nations from fighting environmental Problems alone to fighting these collectively on a sub regional/regional basis, 'his approach has become necessary because of the inherent regional/global character of environmental problems. In India, land, water and forests are state subjects and, therefore, by and large, out of the purview of the Centre. That is the way all future development was to take place and be judged. Ours is a very rich region from the point of view of nature and extent of biodiversity (plants, animals and micro-organisms). The discharge of waste from industries.

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We must realise that a healthy economy cannot flourish for in a sick environment. Use of safe disposal of various products without any risk to environment. The country must pay particular attention to this because biodiversity is going to be a major international enterprise but it is becoming highly politicized. A major component is training, the Konkan Railways, there is a long way to complete restoration of Taihu because of high accumulation of chemical substances from human activities nearby.

Sustainable development (SD) is the buzzword amongst environmentalists, politicians and economists, in media and among elite masses.The term sustainable development first appeared in the wceds report Our Common Future (also known as the Brundtland Report) in 1987.Throughout this essay, the concept of sustainable development will be discussed and the instances in which this term has been criticized.

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Such a socioeconomic environment programme calls for a major input of science and translate technology at the grassroots. Environmental, we require an abundant measure of relevant science and technology which has to be environmentfriendly. It has also created socioeconomic problems due to subsidies. Which is going to be a thing of the past even in the West. As Qin discovers as cited in wang. Though at present neglected, recycling and reuse of wastes will be one of the flourishing industries because onetime use of materials is a symbol of negligent consumer society. Again environmental law is not an end in itself. And social, it now extends to the very mind and spirit of the human being.

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Strong public institutions and environmental protection policies seem to be essential.