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The people of germany couldn't have known what was going on, all they wanted was someone strong to lead them.Hitler used every way possible to attract the attention of the German people.

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rightwing becoming against the new republic, along with leftwing groups. Ellis, Elisabeth Gaynor and Elser, Anthony. Upon Hitler s release from prison he regained control of the Nazi

Party and slowly put the pieces back together but not completely as it was before. He also began a crash program, in violation of the Versailles Treaty, to re-arm Germany. He offered strength, decisiveness, and order. Any idea may be a source of danger if it be looked upon as an end in itself, (Bullock, 75). He knew how they were feeling, the problems they were facing, and that he would be the one to take control and convince them that there could be a way to get out of all their problems. Mussolini who promised revival of the glory of the ancient Roman Empire naturally got popular support. Length: 1031 words (2.9 double-spaced pages rating: Strong Essays, essay Preview. He knew how to appeal to the German people s baser instincts and made use of their fears and insecurities. This crisis did not effect the working class alone in Germany. Factors such as the Enabling Act of 1933, the Reichstag fire, the use of the SA, and the banning of all opposition contributed to allowing and enabling Hitler to form a one party, Nazi dominated state. As Allan Bullock stated, The foundation of Hitler s success was his own energy and ability as a political leader (Bullock, 68). Yet after the war Britain, France and other victorious allies did not fulfill their territorial promises as stated in the Treaty of London. tags: hitler,. tags: Papers Free Essays 721 words (2.1 pages) - Comparing The Factors of the Rise of Mussolini to Those of Hitler. Similarities: Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler Decisions of the Paris Peace Conference Italy joined the First World War in 1915. He was only concerned with what was politically useful to gain power. Hitler felt the intelligence of ordinary people was small, and that all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the member of the public understands what you want him to understand (Ellis and Elser. Germany had no choice but to accept the terms of the treaty, which later had a considerable impact on the countries running. After all hitler was promising a better life for all Germans, and a better country of Germany. This was just the beginning for Hitler. Hitler offered the German people a striking alternative to the weak and disordered Weimar Government which he despised. Hitler s abuse of his ability to control the people was a move he was positive would be a success, because he was cognizant that the minds of the people could be easily convinced that what he wanted was right. Due to the problem the German people were facing they looked for alternatives to solve their problems, which the government was unable to fulfil. He used clever advertising, and he drew nearly two thousand people to attend silouan the 1920 mass meeting (Bullock, 66). Soon after Hitler and the Nazi Party appeared, and years later the Weimar Republic fell. Hitler openly explains this in Mein Kampf, The movement must avoid everything which may lessen or weaken its power of influencing the masses, because of the simple fact that no great idea, no matter how sublime or exalted, can be realized in practice without the. He attained the attention of the German classes by promising to rebuild Germany, providing the Germans with someone to blame for their problems, and by influencing them with his remarkable oratory techniques. In addition, he was able to attain power during a time of economic crisis and destitution of a nation. tags: world war II, holcaust Strong Essays 1434 words (4.1 pages) - The Collapse of the Weimar Republic There are a various number of reasons for the downfall of the Weimar republic and the establishment of the one party rule, including Hitler's appeal, however. His goal was to bring all German speaking people into the Third Reich.

One of the key events that allowed Hitler to come to power was the collapse essay on hitler's rise to power of the German economy. However, to Chancellor of Germany in 1933. And brought them together as they longed. Circumstances Strong Essays 889 words. To put down the Spartacus uprising. Hitler knew that a successful leader must essay on hitler's rise to power gain the support of the masses. Not long after the success of the Nazi party Hitler was arrested and imprisoned.

Papers - The Collapse of Weimar and the.Assess the extent to which.

Essay on hitler's rise to power

6 pages The Responsibility of the Nazi Party for the Collapse of the Weimar Republic in the Period After the war Germany had been force to sign clause 231 and in 1923 a reparations bill was set. Events and circumstances that were occurring at the time. Bibliography, trees physical exertion, harper Row, hitler, completely revised edition by Allan assignment Bullock.

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However, he used repetition as the essential element in his table thumping deliverance believing, only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of the crowd (Bullock, 70).