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5, i liked this concept of Aristotle wherein he says to be courageous and generous is mans social nature.We are most of the time in search of information about many things and this is philosophizing.Has anyone ever understood man completely?

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you. But when the philosophers spoke about they are so incredible. 1, this is so very true that who else other than man can study about oneself since human beings live according to their understanding of themselves. Thus it does not survive the death of the body. Even we do not have money to support my studies I strive to find a job that will support my studies and after finding the job, I talk to myself you do the right thing to fulfill your dreams good job. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! There is what is today called the philosophy oh man. Each picture leads into the next; following a progression we make a sense of in our minds, until we reach a logical conclusion. Aristotle held a view that man is a being who can think, reason out and since it has a soul in the form of a body, man cannot be destroyed. I know farmer suicide in india research paper that dream of mine is very hard to reach but I will strive more and face the challenges in life, I can achieve the goal that I wanted to achieve and that is to become a teacher. The process of philosophy gives beings satisfaction that is essential for a good and happy life that is the desire of many human beings. After we given birth all the people that surrounds us are very happy and that is the sign of love. And the last one is love hurts, no one in the world are experience that they are not felt hurt after they are in love. In our search for the truth and understanding of life, we realize how different we all are. Second is the Love is a many splendored thing, love can do many things just what had said in the song I can do anything for love. There are the set rules on how we are supposed to live. With change in time and ideologies, philosophy has been is seen to shed some light on many problems that revolve around existence, knowledge, reality, values, language, reason and mind. I think yes, because if I do not study right not I will not able to achieve my goals and I will stay as I am right now. So he/she study hard and make the difficult thing more easier and finally he got a high grade because he/she strive to study hard and get his/her goal and that is to got a high grades in Mathematics. It increases our curiosity and desire to understand the way to be happy without affecting others. I tend to believe that man philosophizes most of the time. For me to be able to reach my goals in life. The soul is the body's "form and unlike Platos soul, does not have an existence separate from the body. According to Aristotle, a human like every other living thing, is an individual substance, composed of the body and the soul. Unlike Plato, the body and soul is in unity of the human person according to Aristotle. This is not a life of ease, but a life of virtue which results in the highest good, eudaimonia, or having a good spirit, often translated as happiness. . Even when we are in womb of our mother, our parents are very excited to see us, they are so careful on what they do specially our mothers to make us being safe. I study here at University of Makati for me to fulfill my dream to become a teacher someday but the real question is for who am I living for? We are, as Alexander Pope indicates, the focus of all our study. Yet it possesses both actuality and potentiality, and is the efficient, formal and final cause of the body.

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There are more characteristics media of a existentialist thinkers that may help their way of thinking something about something but the real thing is if this characteristics may help the other write people the way they think. Man best fulfills his potential and natural end within a social context. I can have a permanent job that may support all my expenses and able buy anything all that I want. Also man needs to be generous more with the natural or personal gifted resources such as time and talents in making the society a better place to live. This dream of mine may help also my family in terms of financial.

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Doing what is required of man using reason is good for humans. God gave man a gift of mind and the free will. She said that the existence of life to human in answering the question for what I watch essay a am living for. The student realize that hisher score is very low and the grade unsw civil engineering thesis topics that heshe may got is very low. We able to express love to them even we hate them we already express them love by giving them mercy when they do wrong and that is the sign of love. Like many pictures forming a single movie. I agree to a certain extend when Aristotle believed that all knowledge was accumulated memories. It is only through this truth that man can obtain the real knowledge that is essential for the human brain.

That is, he is characterized by living within a society with laws and customs.In the past it was only associated with understanding about love and wisdom.

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With this is mind, the words from the Gospel according to Matthew (chapter 5 verse 48) "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly father is perfect." gets echoed.