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A sense of joy and relief is felt.The use of stage directions is evident as Sheila confesses to Bridie what she had to do to save her, bridie stares at sheila in shock.The sensual imagery that was used to describe the night represents the freshness of the massacre.

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great enormous mountains as loud and foreboding orchestral music is played. The title takes on thematic relevance as we learn of the women using music to lift their spirits

and bolster their courage and unity during the dark days of their imprisonment. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. A barbed wire fence between the responder and the children adds the image of hopelessness. This creates a slight relief as it gave Simon the feeling that Joe could still be alive but not long after, he realizes the depth he mustve fallen creating the sense that he must be dead so therefore Simon continued to descend the hill and. Through the use of contrasts it provides a striking experience for the audience as both positive and negative aspects of the story are portrayed. Misto uses the technique of motifs and symbolism for music to give the audience a clear visual that there is still hope when there is suffering in the world. Through using these techniques it is evident that the composers of these texts allow the audience to see with our eyes as well as with our minds. Simon tries to lower Joe down a cliff face not knowing if the length of the rope will last as the men didnt unbroken know the depth of the cliff. Distinctively visual elements are used to convey images of misery and despair replaced by the possibility of regeneration in the picture book Rose Blanche, illustrated by Roberto Innocenti with text by Ian McEwan. Through the use of projected images, music and dialogue, distinctively visual texts represent challenging aspects of life effectively. The excitement stops as Joe"s 80 of accidents happen on the descent, which is followed by monstrous images of the mountain and dark horrific music in a minor key.

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It is evident through the use of these literary techniques. When he wrote the play, couldnt contrast the heroic act that Sheila made for Bridie. As the metronome of the choir. Fifty voices and a shoehorn, the shoehorn is of immense help to both for Bridie and Sheila and is used as a constant motif. In the 7th verse, misto was concerned that the pain and suffering that many women essay endured at the hands of their Japanese captors after the fall of Singapore had been forgotten.

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Youre alive today because, d The sick and the flour dying were left behind and the old and frail began to die. This image of the realisation that the women will live is seen when Joe Simpon in Touching the Void comes out of the crevasse into the world of light. These ideas are shown visually within understanding John Mistos The Shoe Horn Sonata and Bob Dylans Masters of War. These two texts portray the importance of friendship. Trust and heroism as well as the atrocities at war which led to death.

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The first verse depicts the reference to the armchair generals and Bob disapproves of their selfish ways by acting in a cowardly manner.