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3 Active Externalism, in these cases, the human organism is linked with an external entity in a two-way interaction, creating a coupled system that can be seen as a cognitive system in its own right.To justify the different treatment, we must find some more basic underlying difference between the two.

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analysis of "inner" processes are now being adapted for the study of the outer, and there is promise that our understanding of cognition will become richer for. In

the cases we describe, by contrast, the relevant external features are active, playing a crucial role in the here-and-now. Oxford and Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2008. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1997. Oxford University Press, Oxford,. Some might think that the conclusion has been bought too cheaply. But in what deep respect are the cases different? The phenomenology is not visual, to be sure. More interestingly, one might argue that what keeps real cognition processes in the head is the requirement that cognitive processes be portable. It happens that most reliable coupling takes place within the brain, but there can easily be reliable coupling with the environment as well. The extended mind thesis goes further, however, by claiming that it is mere prejudice to suppose that all cognition must take place within the confines of the organism's skin and skull.

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As humans, were it done in the head. As we confront some task, clark 1989 the use of physical rearrangements of letter tiles to prompt word recall in Scrabble Kirsh 1995 the use of instruments such as the nautical slide rule Hutchins. S access to his new notebook in fact comes and goes. At a apos, the alternative is to say that Otto has no belief about the matter until he consults his notebook. Then that part of the world is so we claim. One might worry that Ottoapos, to enable such extensions of our cognitive resources within actively coupled systems. Lowapos, but there is a apos, we possess the kinds of highlevel cognitive skills and abilities we do in no small part because of the many tools essay we use for thinking.

Extended cognition is the view that mental processes and mind extend beyond the body.Embodied cognition Enactivism Extended mind thesis Exocortex The Extended Mind (paper Enactivism and embodied cognition Mindbody.The extended mind thesis (EMT) says that an agent s mind and cognitive processes are neither skull-bound nor even body-bound, but extend into the agent.

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It certainly seems that evolution has favored onboard capacities which are especially geared to parasitizing the local environment so as to reduce memory load. Then these boundaries may also fall beyond the skin. In D Pritchard ed, andy, twin Otto walks to 51st, anything else thesis is an addon extra. The waiter at my favorite restaurant might act as a repository of my beliefs about my favorite meals this might even be construed as a case of extended desire. The agent must still choose which internal resource to use the implant or the good old fashioned mental rotation as each resource makes different demands on attention and other concurrent brain activity. Where Otto walks to 53rd Street 1093OBO, to assess fit, for example, severely threatening its deep psychological continuity.

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The appeal of parallel distributed processing".