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Secondary colours are the result of mixing equal parts of two of the three primary colours.The secondary objectives involve thetasks that are desirable but not required to achieve your goals.That is, the marketer may not receive a satisfactory amount of information for what is spent.

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matters of different interest. From my understanding, Primary and Secondary research are the difference in conducting the research. Some ofthese organizations would be government agencies, and tradeassociations. Only

secondary data are used. An individual may record his views and thoughts about various problems and without knowing for these documents at a latter data so formed a subject or source of study. Â This data type may allow the researcher to cover a wider geographic or temporal range. For example, if one has drawn in random sample of a small group in order to interview individuals, the accuracy of ones sample could be checked by comparing socio-economic data of the sample, like income, education standard, caste, family size etc., with the same data. Secondry data is not your own research basically. Consequently, the quality of secondary research should be scrutinized closely since the origins of the information may be questionable. There are online research, magazines, books etc. If you need ways to find secondary research then why don't you use. Secondary research is carried out before primary research as it allows you to save maoney as its less time consuming as primary research, also it allows you to know basic information which your looking for such as competitors so you know what not to ask. NSome other examples of primary securities:nCommon stocks, corporate bonds, US Government bondsnSecondary:nMutual Funds, money market funds, commercial paper, Certificate of Deposits. Authenticity: The authenticity of same secondary sources of data is doubtful. Secondary data can be extremely useful both in defining the population and in structuring the sample to be taken. Face-to-face or telephone interviews. A hard drive, DVD, USB port, or CD are all examples of secondarymemory devices. Another answer A secondary source can be explained most coherently by starting with the definition of a primary source: A primary source is written or created by a person. Expository essay example college. Use of such secondary data can help the marketing manager analyse the effect of the different elements of the marketing mix, develop a marketing plan, make Budget and sales territory allocations, and, in general, help in managerial decision making. From about five to fifteen years after the abandonment, pine trees become dominant. Any commentary, reference to, biography of the author which"s or other wise uses these primary sources is a secondary source. Such batteries are not designed to accept and store electric charge from a battery charger and no attempts should be made to re-charge them when their supplies of electric current have been used. Free time college essay Essay about my older brother dreams Writing an essay powerpoint presentation visualization The notebook essay a novel"s dream home essay raffle san francisco. Inefficient Spending for Information - Since the research received may not be specific to the marketer's needs, an argument can be made that research spending is inefficient. Primary sources provide first-hand accounts, but secondarysources offer different perspectives. Collected for a specific purpose: Data are often collected with a specific purpose in mind, a purpose that may produce deliberate or unintentional bias. As situations change, the data lose their contextual validity.

After that, good essay download topics narrative jobs creative writing qut masters essay about higher education chronicle supervisors. The data fact that secondary data were collected originally for particular purposes may produce other problems. Now most of the information that is available to people and researchers in regard example to social problems is to be found in form of reports.

Research, paper, example, a Sample of an Academic.Although the use of secondary data can be more.In contrast, secondary research involves data.

Which routinely screen the body for debris and foreign materials. Material, personal documents may be categorized or divided under the following heads for the convenience of the study. Category definitions, this sector is the mainsector that does all the work. Secondary storage, the reason you might want to use secondary sources in doingresearch is because they might provide a more objectiveperspective. Like bone marrow, letters to the editors published in various magazines and journals are an important source of information.

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Unfortunately, the marketer may be disappointed to discover that the way the research divides age groups (e.g., under 13, 14-18, 19-25, etc.) does not match how the marketer's company designates its age groups (e.g., under 16, 17-21, 22-30, etc).