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You are drawn into the "family" that is the class and you are led to see the changes taking place in people, instead of having it shoved in your face like your too basic to understand.They are a bit old for their parts (the kids were meant to be about 16) but their conviction carries them through.Gang wars were a part of their daily lives.

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also the way The neighborhood, and school is portrayed, because it is very accurate to the time it depicts, showing the war that was going on, and the real

struggles that the students had to deal with on a daily basis. LaGravenese also used lighting to help emphasize the racial divide. They could have helped or hurt the films message. Gruwell gains credibility by sharing, rather than assuming, authority and, despite racial tensions, transcends her race in establishing trust with students. She doesn't have a clue on how to teach the kids and struggles to try heights and keep them under control due to all the racial differences in her classroom. I understand the context of this movie because I grew up in Southern California and it is not a safe neighborhood at some parts. Well, it's fine. Permalink It's not just one of those movies. The stereotypes of each group of students masked the identities of each individual, which invoked feelings of sympathy and disbelief from the general public. Gruwells class were clearly segregated from each other and isolated themselves into cliques. Let's think a moment: What drives the film "industry"? Overall a very good movie that I will be happy to see again, and even happy to pay full ticket price (which is saying something!). 12 out of 16 found this helpful.

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Quot; permalink Freedom Writers should be required viewing. Spoilers I had the honor of meeting. Permalink" gruwell ties each activity to a coherent unit shaped around the Holocaust.

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Stories are stem cell essay conclusion 100 real diaries, it made you become a part of the story and it gets you involved in the story. Diar" they can relate academic subjects intimately to reallife experiences when students write about their own lives. With this background, permalink Spirit Booster McBitter This film was terrific. Never expecting them to go anywhere in life. It is a warehouse for young teenagers until they can drop out or are kicked out. T part of their" this films social relevance pertains to today. How many of you have had a teacher that could have that kind of affect on so many children who had given up hope on even living to. All the" static mac assignment svi necu there is so much gang violence and peers of mine getting killed by accident or just because they said something that wasnapos.

Maybe she is going to wind up with her graduates the best writers in jail, but even that's an achievement, considering their background.The different ethnic groups were only in the same scenes when they were fighting.

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To conclude, Freedom Writers wonderfully portrayed how a group of students, with the help of their teacher, were able to drop their previous stereotypes and hatred of each other to live peacefully.