Fallout 4 Workshop Guide: How to Establish Supply Lines

How to start supply lines and move settlers in Fallout

We'll go into more detail on that later.To remove the supply line, simply reassign the provisioner to some other work object in their settlement.Creating a supply network with two overlapping circles (A B C D A and A C) can make some of the settlements have their food/water set.

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attack while you're away. This makes crafting much easier. Provisioners still count towards the population limit of their respective settlements, as well as food/water requirements, despite hardly ever

being in the settlement. Select the settlement to which the player character wants to link the current settlement. Essentially, you need a spare settler in your town. November 13, 2015 by, gosu No0b 86 Comments, home fallout 4 how to start supply lines and move settlers in Fallout. What is in the workshop inventory passes to that specific settlement's armor and weapon workbenches. Open up the Workshop menu while in a settlement (hold V on the PC for example) and walk up to an unassigned settler.

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Establishing a supply line between two settlements instantly allows you to paragraphs access any items stored in the workshop inventory from both locations. Assign the spawned settler to do something else to remove it from traveling. The supply line will instantaneously connect.

Fallout 4 Workshop Guide: How to Establish Supply Lines and Assign Workers Kyle Hanson on April 17, 2017 at 1:42 am F allout 4s new Workshop is extremely deep and complex.Fallout 4 supply route setup Setting up a supply line will cost you one settler that will from then on be dedicated to moving supplies between settlements.

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Fallout 4 assign supply line

write Highlight a settler and press Q or RBR1 on xboxPS4 to display a list of owned settlements. Ve never seen one die in combat. C and D will also share resources with each other despite not directly being connected since they are australianindigenous still part of the same network.

A menu will appear asking where you would like to send the settler.I can hit R for sending someone to another settlement though.

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Now you just find whatever you want them to work, such as a guard post, or farm, and select it with A/X.