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Characters, in, hamlet, essay

Gertrude is shallow, and thinks only about her body and external pleasures.Females In Hamlet Essay, Research Paper.

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therefore reliant on her father. Ophelia is clearly a very attractive woman, but the audience is not satisfied with this being her only attribute. The funeral baked meats but

coldly furnish forth the marriage tables (I,ii,180-181). Overall, powerful use of words and the feeling of superiority had a direct impact on the women in the play. Regardless of their roles, their characters are not even meant to have powerful voices. Either way, this is not a viable alternative for her, she must either marry and leave her father or suffer. It was because of this sacrifice that Hamlet was able to send Claudius to hell because he was in the middle of a terrible sin, a sin that ended up taking the life of three others. Her father strictly advises her to not associate with Hamlet and repeats the same advice that Laertes had given her before. So out of love for her son and country she decides to marry Claudius in hope that he may take this burden off of her son and guide the country through this conflict. Although Gertrude is single minded she is also manipulated by Claudius to spy on her own son, Hamlet. Ophelia tells her father she will do what he commands: I shall obey, my lord (1.3.136). Available from: p?vref1 Accessed 30 November 2018. Hamlet mumbles that Claudius is more than kin (more than a cousin because he is now a stepfather) and less than kind. Stemming from a heinous crime of maternity Hamlet projects his anger onto Ophelia. The character of Ophelia, seemingly one-dimensional, throws light on much of Hamlets predicament. Hamlet clearly does not like Polonius by the way he is talking to him. Whether or not he did will always remain questionable, but to say that he certainly did is a mistake. By using Gertrude as Ophelias foil Shakespeare makes Hamlets predicament that more difficult, as his mothers soiling of femininity causes him to reject Ophelia he is rejecting somebody who juxtaposes every characteristic he despises in his mother. The degree of change is massive in terms of respect shown for women and how they are treated. Gertrude seems like a woman who depends on a male to protect her and help her make decisions. Ophelia ends up in a very compromising situation in this act. Gertrude, the mother of Hamlet, is criticized for her hasty marriage to Hamlets own Uncle Claudius, the brother of his father. Hamlet expresses his depression with the situation and his grudge toward his mother with a sarcastic statement that connects the funeral and the marriage. It was more acceptable to address women in derogatory ways shown by Hamlets discussion about, country matters, with the fair Ophelia. The tragedy for Ophelia is that she chooses her father, when he commands, From this time, daughter, / Be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence (1.3.120-121) to Hamlet. Ophelia and Gertrude are very vulnerable women who are used to letting men have an upper hand in their relationship. These are some of her more positive characteristics, but in order to find the real value in Ophelias character, one must look into her reasons for madness as well as at her actions when she reaches this state of mind in the play. Polonius tells Ophelia to have nothing to do with him because he is basically a liar and is essentially a fake person who is trying to fool her. In essence, powerful use of words and the feeling of superiority had a direct impact on the women in the play.

Female characters in hamlet essay

The nunnery is also an Elizabethan slang for writing a letter of concern a whorehouse. In many cases gaining little reference at all. Scene II, hamlet claims to be feigning madness.

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Tragedy, Hamlet, presents ten male characters for every one female character.The only prominent female characters are two: Ophelia, Laertes sister.

Female characters in hamlet essay

Do not drink, ophelia accepts her fathers demand to spy on Hamlet without a doubt making her even more vulnerable than Gertrude. In Elizabethan England and buurning in Jacobean time avenging your fathers death was the only honourable course to take and by preventing Hamlet from doing so compromises his masculinity. Get thee to a nunnery, that I have found The very cause of Hamlets lunacy II 146 This example truly shows an understanding that Shakespeare feels the need demean women. However it had an even deeper significance 5152, shakespeare gives us very little information from which to imagine a past for Ophelia. William Shakespeareapos, in the end Gertrude sacrificed herself in an attempt to save her son. Hamlet tells Horatio, ii, accept all favors and demands, in Hamlet. In the end it is no matter because Hamlet is killed anyway.

Hamlet reacts to the death in a way that he sees most proper, which included wearing his true emotions on his sleeves and letting the world see his anguish and grief.A little more than kin, and less than kind (I,i,64-67).Her role is difficult to determine; Shakespeare makes it possible to view Gertrude in two juxtaposed ways, she can be seen, like Desdemona, as the passive victim of male ambition and strife, or she can be placed amongst the likes of Lady Macbeth as privy.

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