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Worth 50 of the overall grade.Non-Exam Assessment The non-exam assessment assesses student's ability to use the knowledge and skills gained through the course to solve or investigate a practical problem.Dance, drama and singing can be studied (at least in the Musical Theatre course with modules including Contemporary Dance, Singing Skills, Devised Theatre, Performing to an Audience, and Musical Theatre Performance.

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a few short stories along the way. . Info to access 1098-T Tax Form(s) Important Dates and information Dates for Payment Plan enrollment, residency, and tuition refunds are strictly

enforced. Following this, they will undertake the non-examination assessment which is a single essay based on two texts of their choice. . In Year 13, they go on to study texts based on and set in World War One. All KS3 students learn about E-safety topics like social networking websites, dangers of sharing personal information online, What is cyber-bullying? Identity theft, dangers of file-sharing over the Internet, What are viruses? Year 7 Cambodia What makes Cambodia Distinctive? Students research and present their work in their own original way and learn the skills needed for gcse Art. The four subjects are studied in evenly spaced rotations and also cover key core skills to prepare students for KS4 controlled assessment. Painting skills are built upon during our Impressionism unit and students are able to create a group piece inspired by Monet. Students must study either one literary text and one film or two texts. Years 12 13 Students follow the Pearson Edexcel Advanced GCE course studying 4 distinct modules over the 2 year course. Graphic Products Year 7 Drawing styles, rendering, adding textures, isometric drawing by hand and on the computer, cities using a CAD package, paper engineering, recycling and basic electrical circuits. 09/11/16 Engineering Year 10 Year 10 gcse Engineering is based mainly on practical based theory lessons which consist of students learning how to use traditional engineering equipment such as the miller and centre lathe against the modern equipment and use of CAD/CAM. Theatre Studies A Level, usually studied in conjunction with Drama -.e. Its 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools in the early 1980s. The final section is the 'acting paper' and this is where you assessed on your ability to devise, create an interesting and enjoyable piece, and act. They are able to explore a range of historical topics from the European witch craze, the rise and fall of the Stuart era and Russia in Revolution, refining their source analysis skills and developing their analytical arguments The modules which students follow are: Unit. Once carried out, the students then have a 3 hour write up to analyse the data and discuss their findings. Students can also use these newly acquired skills as a springboard into other qualifications and working environments. Controlled assessment catch up clinic is run at least once a week. Students will be expected to follow a systematic approach to problem solving. Carry out effective testing plans and procedures. An awareness of current issues in the news that relate to Geography by reading a newspaper or news based internet sites such as /news would also be of value. There is no coursework but these heavily practical courses will have the skills acquired examined in the terminal exams Science at Key Stage 4 is well resourced, our Technical Support team ensure that the courses have a high level of practical and experimental input, the. Year 9 Japan How analysis does Japan cope with its Tectonic Challenges? You need to analyse and understand these contextual sources, and develop your ideas in a personal way. They will investigate case studies on trial by ordeal, the Gunpowder plot, the Witch Finder General, Conscientious objectors and the end of the death penalty in Britain. . In Y13, students will use ICT to design a Project of their choice.g. Unit 2 4 are both worth 20 of the final GCE qualification assessed at the end of the two year qualification. This unit will allow students to explore inside the computer and they will explore the history of computer architecture. 20/11/15 Year 7 In Year 7, students are on a carousel with Art and Computing which means they have a term of Music, with two lessons a week.

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Throughout the five year curriculum, exploded assembly drawings using CAD, students develop teamwork. Year 8 Lego instructional leaflet and packaging. Getting to grips with gcse, hours of Operation, year. Exam 02, communication, year 7 In year 7 students study a cross curricular module with Geography and History on Cambodia. Unit, organisational and leadership skills, all of which build directly on the work done by students in Year 7 to Year. M Th, postResults Services Form brabazon 2018, becoming confident in all English skills 3 Students will next look at using VBA in PowerPoints to make interactive multimedia products. Formative and summative assessment informs the class room teacher of student progress. From this specification we study the following modules across Year 10 and Year. One point perspective drawing technique on the computer.

Course specification available at m, mission Statement smsc at Sir how to assign a steward in skyrim Graham Balfour School attempts how to assign variable name in foor loop python to address the following key aims. As well as their theoretical knowledge of computer science subjects such. The second topic is Popular Music which includes performing a cover version of a pop or rap song. S ocial and c ultural development, year 12 There is currently A Level provision for French at Sir Graham Balfour.

In year 12, students will learn theory needed for the 2 exam papers.Curriculum opportunity: these are designed to encourage independent enquiry, the use of real life examples, contemporary and historical perspectives.

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