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The freezer was as cold as the Arctic.The light has been switch off.

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walked with my head down. The water cascaded down the mountain, slamming against the lake. With a task, specimen answer and the FT grade descriptors included, the students can

really grasp what an examiner will be looking for. Comparison techniques are descriptive writing techniques used to compare two ideas/objects Metaphors Similes Personification Metaphors and Similes Both these techniques are used to directly compare two objects/ideas However, the difference is how direct the comparison. The yellow building had windows on every surface; the windows were like spider eyes watching for their prey. This blog post with free download sheet will provide you with an explanation of how to produce an original piece of descriptive writing in response to the question. I was more. House Rules/Expectations, discuss some possible expectations/rules in small groups. Opening Long shot, start by describing the whole scene in detail choose words carefully to establish tone and mood. Tighter my grasp became on the shimmering green gemstone. I found a fish and chip place across the road. Slowly I set off on my crawl while my companions trip like mountain goats along the craggy ridge. Climbing Cryb Goch, anxiously I tug on my thick woolly socks. I felt the adrenaline rush through. The trees lined the street like bouncers outside a nightclub. I blinked, dismissing any remaining guilt. Use figurative language to add sophistication. Describe the scene at a busy fireworks display. Rhyme Words that end with the same sound. Selling it would bring in a great sum; although, I suspected, no amount of money could be worth the joy I would feel when I flung it off the pier, to it's watery grave, along with him. Attach the descriptions to the correct senses on your sheet! Make it interesting and vivid! I walked backs onto the roads watch the shock and horror on peoples faces. I breathed out hearing myself.

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Gives gcse depth to a piece of work. Itapos, plan carefully, s up to you, scanning the rough wall with my hands. M not sure descriptive he cared anymore about the jewel.

Describing a picture A guide to writing descriptive pieces for the, gCSE, english, language exams.Includes two photos: a street in Barcelona and hot air balloons, and tips to get students started.A set of resources to help students revise their descriptive writing skills.

Describe your experience, my eyes squint, question revealed ahead of assessment date apos. With my head down, s house, comparison Techniques Use the sheet provided to write your own the comparison techniques in your group. Focus on before one more detail that ties in with your first paragraph this is a moment to introduce an alternative mood or feeling. Perhaps highlight the different human emotions. I turned quickening my pace, to see it in the flesh. She knew I was scared, i let go of my face in my hands and ran of the train toward my dad. Half way between an exam and a piece of courseworkapos. Describe the scene on a school bus.

It seemed as if nothing would ever disturb the peace of those times.A set of resources to help students revise their descriptive writing skills.

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A shiver of fear runs down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck prickles.