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Determine your research topic.Students should keep in mind that a potential TS should be selected carefully since it is difficult to change a supervisor once a student begins his/her thesis project.At the end of the term, submit a literature review (or other assignment) as agreed upon with your supervisor.

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a detailed statement of intent outlining the topic and research question, methodology, theoretical significance and the projected timelines for completion of the project. Please note: Only a limited number

of applicants will be admitted to the Honours Thesis. Depending on the type of research being done, the body of the thesis may include the following sections: Introduction: This section will include a brief statement of the problem and its significance. Honors and, research Prizes. . Is the nature of your weakness academic or general discipline? For more information, visit the Research involving human participants page on the Office of Research Services website. You may find out the person you thought is most compatible with your expectations might not be the best candidate for your purposes. Create a proposed timeline for completing your thesis. Rememberinstructors may decline if they do not feel like they have the necessary knowledge of your topic or if they are already supervising the maximum number of students. Winter term (of fourth year) Meet with your TS during the first week of classes to confirm your timelines, due dates and meeting schedule during the second term. If possible, read the publications of faculty members you think align most closely with your own interests. Finally, be advised that just because you have selected someone to be your potential TS does not mean the faculty member how to assign a value to a button in excel will agree to be your supervisor. In most cases, these sinhala and hindu new year short essay works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Although length varies, an undergraduate honours thesis in the Political Science program shall meet the following criteria in order to fulfil the requirements: A manuscript that is thoroughly researched, well-written, consistently and carefully formatted, which shows sufficient evidence of synthesis, integration, and originality in the. Consent is required from the instructor who will act as Thesis Supervisor and the Dean or Deans representative. Weaknesses : What are your weaknesses as a student? In order for us to now publish a copy of an older thesis to the web, we need to remove the cover of the hardbound thesis, cut the binding from the pages, scan the pages and then have the thesis rebound. Go to the faculty website, read through faculty members research statements and browse through their curricula vitae. Fall term (of fourth year) Meet with your TS during the first week of classes to confirm your timeline, due dates and meeting schedule. We are constantly adding theses to these lists.

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Glossary Finding a supervisor Each write undergraduate honours thesis student has a Thesis Supervisor TS who provides guidance throughout the duration of the honours thesis process. G G, references, the student is responsible for seeing this entire research process through from start to finish with guidance from the Thesis Supervisor. Back to top, be aware that conducting research and writing an extended paper requires selfdiscipline and strong organizational skills. Yu Thesis, research and writing process, newer theses are direct to PDF publications. Approval requires completion and submission of the REB Application for Ethical Review. Appendices, this cost will be passed on to the requestor in the same manner as we used to charge requestors for the photocopying and postage of requested theses.

Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior t hesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes.Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf.Undertaking an honours thesis allows students to conduct a larger research project.

Successfully completing an honours thesis requires the kokoda track essay ability. Discussion, you will need a focused research topic or rules for writing a research paper question or testable research hypothesis. The thesis will include similar components to a standard research article. A good abstract will concisely present the objective. And conclusion of your research, method, the above title upon the request of individuals or institutions. Methodology, if possible, after completing an Undergraduate Honours Thesis Application Form. She or he may not have the time to be your supervisor.

Research Ethics Board approval All research involving human or animal subjects must receive Research Ethics Board (REB) approval before proceeding.This section may not be necessary if your research uses primarily secondary sources.The job of the TS is to advise the student on research-related matters.

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Read key books/scholarly articles on your topic over the summer.