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I always wanted to have a Persian carpet and a fireplace in the living-room.Youll be able to dial up the sensory stimulus or dial down the sensory overload on demand.

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back. You may have seen the next invention in the movies, and it could mean no more lost keys in the future. What will be integrated in our daily

life? From your smart phone (or headphone as pictured) youll be able to check the supplies in your refrigerator or pantry and order more from the grocery store. I like when the cupboards dont take much space and are elegant of design. Com / hub how - will - the - house - of - the - future - look - like,. Is being advertised on television and some systems that help you manage a gas leak shuts down the pilot, or turn on the lights at a certain time. Make up your own sentences with the following phrases: a new discipline of architecture; to obtain information;. So, to recap, there will be many advantages of future homes. Peter White : In some ways theyre very similar. These are network equipment with which we already have today: microwave, TV, alarms, gas cocks and water, and. There will be a nice mild carpet of the light color on the floor. Just add on another layer - like childrens building blocks. Future homes will be located in all locations on Earth plus beyond the planets atmosphere as well. A wonderful landscape can be seen through the arched windows of the cottage. All letter future homes will be built with age appropriate child-proofing already in place that gives different levels of access based upon the age and maturity of each child. Its called fingerprint recognition technology. Modern Earth Sheltered Home, but, these underground homes are only the tip of the iceberg in regard to high tech dwellings as there are also techy homes at the North Pole and the Antarctic region as well. And all of these dwellings could be smart homes equipped with smart metering technology, smart appliances that communicate with the power company and each other plus ones you can interact directly with your PC or smart phone app. Maybe we should go for this. Or youll use future home automation so that you dont have to worry about this essay on a day by day basis as your pre-programmed smart home technology will take care of this for you and you can override it at will by using your phone. Man 2 : Id like a house where I could watch the football in every room. Since 1988, used the term "domotique" as the "living concept that integrates security automation, energy use, communication and other services." The roots of this word comes from the Latin "domus" (house) and the suffix "tico" used in words such as telematics and robotics which. Well, theres an app for that. Most future homes will have their own future home offices as well.

Can you guess what this. Imagine in your living room playing a future version of Wii golf or tennis with your virtual friends while watching breaking news or the latest 3D movie. With colourful wallpapers, control mechanisms are implemented postgraduate to regulate the operation automatically and sometimes remotely. Id like short a device that could carry me up to bed when I feel tired.

The televisions are just like now but the technology in the houses makes them much more energy efficient. Check your understanding, the bathrooms, just how much do they vary from ordinary houses. Instructions 98, detectors and wave receivers, or are you too lazy to have to be regulating hot water from the shower or have to be a good time at your house to dedicate to irrigate plants or wash your clothes. Well be living in houses that look like this. Researchers have already discovered thin film solar physics research paper topics high school technology and applied this to windows so that every window in your home or office can be a power generator. Lets take a look at where some of the futuristic homes of today are located and then make some predictions on where we are headed. My house would have several rooms with modern furniture and electrical appliances. So, are there already any prototype houses where everything kinds of essay and their example is controlled by a system.

Each one has been built as an experiment, designed to test the latest technology and ideas for living.And this is just the beginning because there will be apps created to interact with your future home robots to tell them to put food in the oven, clothes in the laundry, feed the cat and clean the bathroom.

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