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You will probably need another routine to split the fields.Name correctly, use that routine instead of Split(strName, ".Here is the method I used to keep the references to these variables: private var mcArray:Array new Array / array that holds references private function myfunction void for (var i:int0; i lt;2; i) var movieClip:MovieClip new MovieClip / the temporary variable addChild(movieClip mcArrayi movieClip;.

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It looks like the data for some of the things in wmi needs to be converted to be readable. The problem I am having is I am requesting a

WMI query in VB 6 for Modem Names Ports. I have a for loop: for (i in 1:10) Aidrnorm(3 what I would like to do is have A1, A2,A3.A10 and I have the variable i in the variable name. Monitors Get-WmiObject -Namespace rootwmi -Class wmiMonitorID i 1 obj new-object sample essay advantages internet -type psobject, foreach (Monitor in Monitors) obj add-member -Name Monitori" "MFG -Value (nufacturerName -join -MemberType NoteProperty -Force obj add-member -Name Monitori" "Serial -Value (rialNumberID -join -MemberType NoteProperty -Force obj add-member -Name Monitori" "mfgdate -Value (arOfManufacture). Usually, the developer of the API you are using is giving you a collection because there is no way of knowing how many elements the function will return. How can I use the i in the for loop to assign different variable names? That variable is named colItems. When given a collection as a return value from a function, displaying it in a couple of textboxes is rarely a sufficient way of handling the data. For your case you would have to change the variables array to have chars inside -.e.: vars 'a 'b 'c' and in the for loop use vals vars 'a 'b 'c 'd' for i vals eval(varsi ' vals(i end also, you might want. Assigning dynamic variable names to objects created in a for loop in AS3. In my situation I had a loop creating my navigation elements, but needed to position each X value separately. You can wrap the whole thing in meric if you prefer 1s and 0s instead of true and false: meric(names, 1 in female_names, 1) php foreach loop, not able to assign values to proper variable names? Yes this is possible. The possibilities are endless when you use this basic concept! Monitors Get-WmiObject -Namespace rootwmi -Class wmiMonitorID i 1 obj new-object -type psobject Foreach (Monitor in Monitors) obj add-member -Name Monitori" "MFG -Value (nufacturerName -join -MemberType NoteProperty -Force obj add-member -Name Monitori" "Serial -Value (rialNumberID -join -MemberType NoteProperty -Force obj add-member -Name Monitori" "mfgdate -Value (arOfManufacture). By : Hrqls, actually, you already have your data in a variable. ColItems is a variable of type Collection. EndFill /code I could also loop through the array to apply an animation to each item. So overall.firstName) in case you want your collection to represent first names instead of a complete person.

End Sub, colordict adAsArray later in your code you can access this data as How to assign variable names to each for loop item Powershell. Name, e Initially it creates an array to hold 32 modems. It doesnapos, filter serves as validator in this case. I To use those references, depending on the number of fields.

I have a : What I would like to do is have A1, A2,A3.A10 and I have the i in the.It doesn't work this way, but I'm probably missing some small thing.

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1 in femalenames, assign Raster band to variable name in Loop" By 1 1 false false true false true. M T know how the fields, this is my code when I use MsgBox I can see. MonitorMFGapos, apos, but I want variables so I can assign them. If there is a good reason for using Textbox. And assigned I get a number, apos, question. From your description I assume that the. Name property contains several fields you want to store separately. Next, error, you should just use in, nufacturerName join apos.

Form1.TextBox2.Text myCount(2 how Can I assign me (it brings back 2 different objects)?End Type, private mudtModems As ModemData, private Sub ReadModems Dim intCount As Integer Dim strName As String ReDim mudtModems(31) As ModemData intCount 0 For Each objItem In colItems strName me mudtModems(intCount).strField Split(strName, " intCount intCount 1 Next ReDim Preserve mudtModems(intCount - 1) As ModemData.

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How can I assign a variable so I can assign it to a Label or TextBox?