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Teenagers Should Work Part-Time

Il vous aide à choisir uneprofession et de s'habituer au monde du travail.I do not agree with this statement, because we spend a lot of money on food as most of us spend our time at school or courses.Another positive thing about working part-time is that it can build person's character.

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needs in all-round. They don't pay much attention on homeworks and lessons since they are involved in a useless process such as washing cars, selling clothes and. Sense

of independencea that parents want to instill in the child.

They can have their own money to spend and helping them develop self control and understanding the philosophy value of money. Peoples living conditions become much more comfortable. It is the only chance for them to go to the cinema. However, when I go shopping I buy lots of clothes from topshop and some new shoes. A child can easily get into trouble if there is no supervision with regards to money matters. Whether all children get the same amount or the older child gets reference more.

How to earn pocket money essay

They possibly consume all the money to buy expensive merchandise human evolution essay that they like. This helps teach them the value of saving. Moreover, young children do not know how to use pocket money appropriately.

Some parents believe that pocket money should not be given since that will make the child feel that parents money is not his/her money, it could lead to unhealthy competition amongst children on the amount of pocket money they get, and they will loss.Parents must always ensure that they give comparable pocket money to their children.However, some people argue that teenagers have no idea of how difficult money is earned.

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Because the children wont learn about the responsibility of money if parents dont honor the agreement.