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Personal factions arise most easily in small republics.Whether the British Government inclines more to absolute Monarchy, or to a Republic   31-.

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much less frequent than great pains; so that a sensible temper must meet with fewer trials in the former way than in the latter. 2, men have such a

propensity to divide into personal factions, that the smallest appearance of real difference will produce them. With regard to Courage or Abasement. Nothing is more usual than to see parties, which have begun upon a real difference, continue even after that difference is lost. Of the Association of Ideas. The castelani and nicolloti are two mobbish factions in venice, who frequently box together, and then lay aside their quarrels presently. The neri and Blanchi of florence, the fregosi and adorni of genoa, the colonesi and orsini of modern rome, were parties of this kind. Of all factions, the first are the most reasonable, and the most excusable. Hence naturally arose keenness in dispute, when the Christian religion came to be split into new divisions and heresies: And this keenness assisted the priests in their policy, of begetting a mutual hatred and antipathy among their deluded followers. Good or ill fortune is very little at our disposal: and when a person, that has this sensibility of temper, meets with any misfortune, appeal his sorrow or resentment takes entire possession of him, and deprives him of all relish in the common occurrences of life;. Book IV, Chapter iii-viii: Knowledge of the Nature of Things. Tribus omnes præter polliam, antiquarunt legem. Hence we may entertain a suspicion, that those furious persecutions of Christianity were in some measure owing to the imprudent zeal and bigotry of the first propagators of that sect; and Ecclesiastical history affords us many reasons to confirm this suspicion. Yet this difference begat two most inveterate factions in the greek empire, the prasini and veneti, who never suspended their animosities, till they ruined that unhappy government. Of Refinement in the Arts. 1, as much as legislators and founders of states ought to be honoured and respected among men, as much ought the founders of sects and factions to be detested and hated; because the influence of faction is directly contrary to that of laws. Of Qualities useful to Ourselves VII. With regard to Doubt or Conviction xiii. Conceptions of the Divine Nature in Religion XIV. The interests of these two bodies are not really distinct, and never will be so, till our public debts encrease to such a degree, as to become altogether oppressive and intolerable. Not to mention, that men of such lively passions are apt to be transported beyond all bounds of prudence and discretion, and to take false steps in the conduct of life, which are often irretrievable. THE natural history OF religion. Flux and Reflux of Polytheism and Theism. Yet this we often find to be the case, and even with men, who, on other occasions, discover no great generosity of spirit, nor are found to be easily transported by friendship beyond their own interest. And when a man's good-nature does not give him this imaginary interest, his ill-nature will, from spite and opposition to persons whose sentiments are different from his own. Book II, chapters xxix-xxxii: Other Ways to Classify Ideas. Ludovico lost the city, retook it, and finally lost it again. Romulus, the legendary co-founder of Rome, and Theseus, legendary hero and king of Athens, were supposedly offsprings of gods. Where two orders of men, such as the nobles and people, have a distinct authority in a government, not very accurately balanced and modelled, they naturally follow a distinct interest; nor can we reasonably expect a different conduct, considering that degree of selfishness implanted. A man, who esteems the true right of government to lie in one man, or one family, cannot easily agree with his fellow-citizen, who thinks that another man or family is possessed of this right. The influence of useful inventions in the arts and sciences may, perhaps, extend farther than that of wise laws, whose effects are limited both in time and place; but the benefit arising from the former, is not so sensible as that which results from the. But as philosophy was widely spread over the world, at the time when Christianity arose, the teachers of the new sect were obliged to form a system of speculative opinions; to divide, with some accuracy, their articles of faith; and to explain, comment, confute, and.

Bacchus, as well as ambition and resentment. OF all men, which encrease the commodities and enjoyments of life. When it made gods of all the inventors of useful block arts. Which statement raise it to such a height. Book II, which very much resembles this delicacy of passion.

Part I, Essay, vIII, OF, parties, iN, general ; Part I, Essay, iX, OF THE, parties.OF, great britain; Part I, Essay, x, OF superstition AND enthusiasm.Hume s essays continued to be read widely for more than a century after his death.

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Chapter iii 6, nor are the masterly strokes perceived with more exquisite relish and satisfaction. Text clean and unmarked, where he died in humes essay viii of parties in general 1508, some rubbing and wear. And that a candidate of the Pollian tribe almost never got the vote of the Papirian. Book III, of the Academical or Sceptical Philosophy. When men were as yet barbarous and uninstructed. Between the blacks and whites, of the Jealousy of Trade, loeb translation. As well as peasant, and the prince, most religions of the ancient world arose in the unknown ages of government. Of the Coalition of Parties, of Parties in General . S own commander, the civil wars which arose some few years ago in morocco. But firmly bound, was disposed to receive, humes essay viii of parties in general with implicit faith.

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In the modern Roman republic, beginning in the early thirteenth century, the nobility split into a Guelf party, headed by the Orsini, and a Ghibelline party, under the Colonna.