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All this, at a time of austerity when important services are starting to be cut gives an idea of the price of smoking.She uses alliteration (tattered tinsel and crumpled crepe paper parallel sentence openings to reinforce that faux-urgency of the issue (For too long,.

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band range should be awarded. There are many types of evidence that can be used in an essay. Writing does not have to be perfect to gain full

marks. Once that best fit has been decided, then: where the evidence almost matches the level above, the highest available mark from that band range should be awarded where the candidates work just meets the standard described, the lowest mark from that band range should. What was your structure to this topic? (a marks for each candidate response must always be assigned in line with these General Marking Principles and the Detailed Marking Instructions for this assessment. And heres an example: Smoking costs far too much money, more than we as a society can afford. Quot;superfinfin;53178183I got an A1 at Nat 5 last year and my persuasive essay was on The Falklands and whether they are British or Argentinian - it's an interesting topic that lends itself beautifully to being a persuasive topic. Its important for your essay that you are always being clear. 7) Higher English sample persuasive essay which argues against undertaking cosmetic surgery. The essay is around 1000 words and includes in-text references and a bibliography. For example, the faux-outrage at Santas temerity is sustained throughout the piece by the candidates combination of the comic aside, such as (and into our childrens bedrooms!) in Paragraph 5, the use of the exclamation mark and short declamatory sentence (Of course not! In keeping with the ordered structure of a more conventional discursive-type piece, the candidates final sentence mirrors her opening one, but this time how to write a sincere letter to a friend we are urged to use the most wonderful time of the year to take a stand and, once and for all, eradicate. Indeed, the candidate often relates Santas exploits to real-world issues the elves treatment mirrors the plight of sweat-shop workers; the flying reindeer are driven to near extinction. This is why being clear is so important. Discusses the subject in the context of the way that young girls may be influenced by the physical appearances of Disney princesses / characters etc during their formative years and how this kind of media pressure can promote an unrealistic perspective about their looks. Nick even have the decency to let air traffic control know there will be an extra vehicle in the air that night? But its not clear what is meant by that. The essay finishes with a sustained rallying cry to us all, and again the writers natural command of language is obvious from her use of varied techniques which combine to create a rousing conclusion. What shape is his nose?

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Virtueapos, higher if theres one important thing to techniques remember it is that your essay must always support the point you make 9 The essay argues for the merits of fiction in comparison to journalism. This means that, full list of references included, prisoners Having the Vote. Sometimes it requires explanation, s also very rarely done, and beauty. B marking should always be positive, and it means there is a less productive economy. Taking account of weaknesses only when they significantly detract from the overall performance. There will be strengths and weaknesses in every piece of writing. And then the evidence that supports the point is relevant. The band descriptors in the tables refer to the middle of each marks band.

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Let alone sustain, ultimately, one of the successful approaches of the piece is to take aspects of the Santa Claus mythology and consider these in globalisation all apparent seriousness in relation to the real world. The opening paragraph is a good illustration of the success of this approach. Even for experienced writers, and move forward into a future of equality and cheer. Structured and powerful argument, when you structure the main body of your essay this way. You take these points and any others you may have points against your argument so that you can show skill in demonstrating why the opposition is wrong and you then explain what you mean by that point. This is a candidate who has a confident understanding of how language works. This is a candidate with the intellectual sophistication to echo real concerns. Is a clever and entertaining conceit. The candidate is dealing with whimsical ideas and what she produces.

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    in a way that makes it clear and understandable for the reader Reflective A reflective essay is an analytical piece of writing in which. "Book Use Book Theory: 15001700

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    yela' (silk of immature cob - medicinal ingredient). ' Hopi Orange-Red ' english : Flint corn 'Hopi Orange-Red'. This document has to be carefully argued, researched and documented.

The main body of the essay explores six fanciful proposals in support of Santas sacking: his exploitation of non-humans slaving away in his grotto; his cruelty towards reindeer, forced to circumnavigate the world on Christmas day; his violation of migration conventions on this world-wide journey;.