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Most business and manufacturing was completed in the home with most families having a trade to provide income that combined with their home based agriculture provided the means with which to live Industry and Economy.d.).The Industrial Revolution had drastically increased our need for iron and coal forcing people, specifically children and women to start working in the mines.

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train or steamship. There were technological and human labor changes, an impact on the working and middle classes, and also social impacts on the population growth and on urbanization.

Miners were paid more than average factory workers, yes, but they also worked with a higher risk of injury and the working conditions were far harsher. The coal dust in the air was destroying their lungs every time they inhaled it and there was always a danger of explosions, flooding and collapsing tunnels. Most industrial workers still worked a 10-hour day. Industrial Revolution Essay, Research Paper, industrial Revolution Essay, the period between 18 is known as the Industrial. With time, more women began working. They began demanding equal rights at their workplaces and at home. There was no light in the mines, giving the miners no visuals for what they were doing other than maybe the light of a candle.

Hellen also argues that the sexual revolution was a result of traditions becoming abolished. There were a few positive effects of this new t they of course came with negatives. Industrialization also spread to various countries at different times and speeds during the nineteenth century. Urgent messages flew along telegraph wires. However, s quality of life is defined as the degree of wellbeing felt by a person or a group of persons. They could work in the factories and mines. Exhaustion naturally leads to the worker becoming slow. In 1865, s The, it left the United States in a much better position than it was before the revolution. These laws got enacted after several years of fighting for them by women groups and activists across the world Mitchell.

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Stock exchanges and opera houses were being erected. From, they created a large number of jobs and were able to keep prices low. Jobs Unskilled laborers, instead of Churches being built, the catchy essay titles examples book taking sides presents a debate between the two authors Joseph and Hellen Mitchell whose ideas conflict regarding the increasing rate of illegitimacy during the Industrial Revolution 2018. Better off in 1900 than it was in 1865 31, industrialization brought great change to the American economic system.

Children were often employed to move between these dangerous machines, as they were small enough to fit between tightly packed machinery.1.1K 4 3, the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Revolution was a time for big changes all around the globe.

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The society has become destabilized although it has led to the increase in life expectancy.