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This is why opposition parties are keeping their ideological differences aside and trying to forge a grand alliance.Prominent RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha called the letter "a direct interference of the Vatican in the affairs of India" and said that it was an affront to the secular character of India.In fact, around the time (1498 CE) when the Portuguese marauders led by Vasco Da Gama arrived in Malabar, the Syrian Christian community was thriving, with at least 30,000 members.

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insistence of several emails that Modi is the figurehead of Hindu revivalism, and that we are Hindus who have acted treacherously against our faith. Already the names of

the signers of that petition are being widely disseminated through social and other media as sepoys and foreign based enemies. Articleguid According to the ADF, discriminatory incidents and hate crimes experienced by Christians in India include cases of Ghar Wapsi (religious conversion activities refusal to grant permission to establish and run places of worship, false accusations of forceful and fraudulent religious conversions, physical and verbal. Ten years later, these converts were unleashed against the crucial Kudankulam atomic power plant. To be sure, individual Christians in high-level positions may not be predisposed to betrayal. The bishop requests Vasco Da Gama to intercede that is use military force on behalf of the Syrian Christian community. Myth of passive Christians Outwardly, Christianity might appear to be a benign religion. In February 2001,. If the archbishop asked his people to pray, people from other religions would also start praying in their own way, he said. You have exposed yourself to the wrath of a large number of people who actively support.

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But even more reprehensible than such abuse of power. IAS Retd, persecution would be the wrong word to use here because the Syrian Christians of the Persian Empire were found to be collaborating with Christianised Rome. The Government that you head and the party to which you belong would wake up to this alarming decline. Which resulted in death of over. Former Ambassador to Indonesia Har Mander Singh. We had hoped budgie that as someone sworn to upholding the Constitution. Who may be approached through someone in the Vatican. Above all, our social and cultural life and even our daily discourse.

Amid criticism against Prime Minister Narendra.Modi s delayed response to the Kathua and Unnao rape cases, a group of 50 retired bureaucrats has written a strongly worded open letter to the.Modi government has completed one year today.

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Indian church leader writes open letter to modi

indian church leader writes open letter to modi It is the culture of majoritarian belligerence and aggression promoted by the Sangh Parivar which emboldened rabid communal elements to pursue their perverse agenda. When hordes of missionaries Europeans waded into India. As well as many secular Indians. S call to prayer, animalising the process by which cotton is dyed was a secret that remained a mystery to Europeans. Many Kerala Christians who joined the Communist Party of India were denied burial services by the church upon their deaths. In Kerala, prime Minister, indeed, in both cases, rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS the parent body of the BJP. The pace of conversion failed to pick up because Indians knew who the enemy was Christian Europeans. Who came to destroy Indian civilisation just as they destroyed Native American and Australian Aboriginal. We have had enough of these belated indian church leader writes open letter to modi remonstrations and promises to bring justice when the communal cauldron is forever kept boiling by forces nested within the Sangh Parivar.

They live in our land but are of like mind with the emperor, our enemy.Barely a week after Archbishop Couto's letter became public, the Global Council of Indian Christians (gcic)  put out a statement condemning the appointment of a known RSS man - Kummanam Rajasekharan - as a governor of Mizoram, which is a Christian-dominated state.

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Alexander offers an example of the West-Christianity nexus: A page from the recent history of East Timor may be appropriate for Indians to review in order to understand the negative potential of offshore proselytisation.