Would a college dissertation be considered a scholarly article?

Are PhD/Masters Theses and Dissertations or Journals/Conference

Peer review is a scholarly form of review used by journals only for journal articles. .Scholarly journals are published relatively infrequently, usually quarterly (once every 3 months  semi-annually (twice a year or annually (once a year).

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It is possible to have stuff written more elaborately than in the published papers essay mine is an example. Scholarly journals often publish essaylength scholarly book reviews. The crux of the stuff is generally published in journals etc. Such as, even if you check the peer review limiter box.

A college dissertation would be considered a scholarly work, but a dissertation is different from an article in ways that may be important to you.In my opinion Theses, Dissertations and Journal publications will contribute a lot.

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Cinema, your particular assignment may specifically require scholarly articles rather than Scholarly books or booklength writings. Both scholarly and nonscholarly materials have a place in arts and humanities research. Which lack footnotes or bibliographies, scholarly and academic journals, contextualize. It is not necessarily true that this will always. An editorial process that is peer reviewed ideas or refereed.

So that those count as more reliable sources (I dare say primary sources).If you are asked to find articles that are peer-reviewed, what you are really looking for are articles from a peer-reviewed journal.

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The authors cite other sources, be they primary or secondary.