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Theres another important take-away from this study.Although the countries reviewed differ significantly in terms of their population size, geography, economic profiles and exposure to climate risks, they share many of the same adaptation priorities.There is an absence of monitoring and evaluation systems.

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protocol, which came into force on February 16, 2005, when ratified by the 55 countries that produce 55 percent of the developed worlds carbon dioxide emissions. Bangladesh has prepared

a climate change strategy and action plan, with funding earmarked for their implementation. Highly vulnerable regions in the emerging world include Sub-Saharan Africa and South and South East Asia, according to the World Bank. Agriculture also emerged as the focus of the largest proportion of recent adaptation projects and programs. The International Institute for Sustainable Development recently undertook a standardized review for the. Fisheries and local livelihoods, fisheries ( marine, freshwater or aquaculture) also was prioritized by several countries, reflecting the importance of this industry for local livelihoods and diets. Countries with marine fisheries are interested in improving fish management and promoting sustainable fish farming. In South Asia, cities such as Kolkata and Mumbai will face increased flooding, warming temperatures and intense cyclones. Taking into consideration that already today the climate conditions in many of these countries are on the edge of allowing a sustainable livelihood to the people, only small changes can put this at risk. Developing countries may also be less likely to create drought resistant harvests given the lack of research funding. UK should fare better than developed peers. In other words, poorer countries may have the resources to adapt to climate change as they become wealthier in the future. Its widely accepted that climate change will have bigger negative impacts on poorer countries than wealthy ones. This not only helps to reduce the GHG emissions and reduce the global climate change, but it also brings Canada environmental help, like cleaner air. Local governments are tasked with developing medium-term plans that link climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and that incorporate community-level adaptation plans. One challenge is that there are two factors that may contribute to the bigger impact of climate change on economic growth in poorer countries, and we dont know which effect is bigger. Top, what are trends in adaptation preparedness? Per-capita GDP under a business-as-usual scenario for rich (top) and poor (bottom) regions for the reference (no damages) run (green standard economic model (dice; red and dice modified to account for climate impacts to economic growth (blue). What follows is an overview of the trends that emerged from that reviewalong with our key takeaways. In 2009, for instance, India requested that states develop a State Action Plan on Climate Change and developed a common framework document to help them identify and plan adaptation and mitigation priorities that align to the countrys National Action Plan on Climate Change. Insufficient attention is being given to meeting adaptation needs in some sectors recognized as being particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The Munich Re NatCatservice data on loss relevant natural disasters already show such a trend for the last 30 years. Its an important number in terms of setting federal policy. Across all of the countries surveyed, agriculture was identified as a priority impacts of climate change in developing countries essay sector for adaptation. Renewable energies are the key to reductions of Carbondioxide. Figure 1 below summarises the results on a world map. They grouped the world into rich and poor countries, finding that while the economies of rich countries continue to grow well in a warmer world, the economic growth of poor countries is significantly impaired. In cooperation with industrialized countries these resources can be used providing sustainable clean energy for the developing countries themselves but also for export to industrialized countries and thus creating sustainable business opportunities. As a higher latitude country, it is believed that the UK will fare better than many developing nations as global warming progresses. This was created on July 2005.

They are exposed more frequently to damaging temperatures and therefore show higher sensitivity to temperature. If flood management efforts are, they said that the, these lower levels of government often lack the capacity to manage these responsibilities. The governments of these nations will be forced to channel resources away from productive and growthenhancing projects towards countering the costs of extreme weather. In 2014, the new study by Frances pdf Moore and Delavane Diaz of Stanford University calibrates the climate damage functions in one of these economic models. Countries share a focus on agriculture.

Source, and the continuing prominence of agriculture as a source of employment in many developing countries. More effort is needed to enhance the ability of subnational governments. Parts of Africa and Asia most at risk. A and Canada have the highest greenhouse gas emissions 1 billion to address climate change over the next five years. Developing countries are more likely to disproportionately experience the negative effects of global warming. Moore and Diaz conclude that the economically optimal pathway could be very similar to the most aggressive scenario paper considered by the ipcc called RCP2.

Notably, differences among countries cannot be attributed to development status.However, Moore and Diaz conclude that when accounting for climate impacts on economic growth, the social carbon cost rises to between about 70 and 400, with a best estimate of over 200 per ton.

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The funding for this module could be out of an adaptation fund like the Green Fund which has been agreed upon by the industrialized countries at the COP in Cancun.