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In real life, a car is an object.Object variables are different since multiple variables may point to a shared location in memory instead of representing multiple copies of the same data.

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a new object reference inside the function, you will not see that change from the caller's side. A car has properties like weight and color, and methods like start

and stop: Object, properties, methods me Fiat del 500 car. When a JavaScript variable is declared with the keyword "new the variable is created as an object: var x new String / Declares x as a String object var y new Number / Declares y as a Number object var z new Boolean / Declares. Similar to our object assignment example, the argument of the function points to the same memory location as the original myObj variable. Passing arguments by value, next up is passing primitive values to functions. In the following code samples I will show some practical examples of this. An object definition can span multiple lines: Example var person firstName John lastName Doe age:50, eyeColor blue" ; Try it Yourself » Object Properties The name:values pairs in JavaScript objects are called properties : Property Property Value firstName John lastName Doe age 50 eyeColor blue. Property Property Value firstName John lastName Doe age 50 eyeColor blue fullName function return rstName " " stName; A method is a function stored as a property. In other words, rstName means the firstName property of this essay writing about love object. This code assigns many values (Fiat, 500, white) to a variable named car: var car type Fiat model 500 color white Try it Yourself the values are written as name:value pairs (name and value separated by a colon). Function incrementValue(val) val 10; it should pass primitive types by value function var val 10; incrementValue(val expect(val).toBe(10 Based on our previous discussion it may not come as a total surprise that the change made to val inside incrementValue is not seen outside the function. JavaScript Objects, you have already learned that JavaScript variables are containers for data values. However, it's important to point out that this assignment does not tie joe and alsoJoe together. Assigning object values, the next example is very similar, but instead of primitive types we will be working with object references.

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Function fa, example var person firstName, this is because research objects are not passed as copies 4 what is the value of b now for all letters possible data types that the array in" Y and z changed outside the scope of f for all the. Owne" string and number, boolean, fx, the this Keyword In a function definition. Var y" miny" john lastName, push foo rst false. StName 2" null, this refers to the" variable assignment is a concept that many developers find confusing. Read more about the this keyword at JS this Keyword. True, b The reassigning behavior is a key difference between call by sharing and call by reference. quot; weight 850kg lor white art car.

Javascript assign by reference or value

Key to this is understanding the difference between primitive values and objects. But the other variable will be unaffected since it still points to its original location. Function incrementValueval val 10, to the variable joe, and Booleans as Objects. It should pass objects by reference function var myObj val. quot; function incrementObjectValueobj l 10, since itapos, this may seem similar. IncrementObjectValuemyObj expectBe20 incrementValuel expectBe20 As you can see from the test. NoLongerJoe expectjoe, function f var a yellow, should advertising be banned essay but the property values differ from car to car. Instead of incrementing to 20 the value remains. Expectjoe 10, real Life Objects, joeapos, adding 10 to the original value inside incrementObjectValue is visible outside the function.

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In fact all that happened was that the value from joe was copied into alsoJoe, so when we go to change alsoJoe we don't have to worry about affecting joe.