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Miles also changed in the way that he is now easily persuaded into drugs and alcohol, but he would do anything to have friends.For the rest of the book Miles and Chip were trying to figure out if Alaska killed herself on purpose or by accident).

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(Francois Rablais, poet) even more. That same night Alaska starts freaking out saying she needs to get out and gets the boys to cover her from the Eagle (principle).

Neither the Colonel or Pudge tried to stop her without knowing that that was going to be the last time that they would ever see her. This might be one of the reasons I enjoyed reading Looking for Alaska by John Green so much. Pudge and his friends certainly discover that death can interrupt anyones life and arrive in a poof. Miles met Alaska and Takumi and they gave him the nickname Pudge. Day and night for one hundred twenty- two days Pudge and his friends really try to discover if she killed herself or if this was a complete accident. Pudge was taking risks and playing pranks on the schools principle with the Colonel, Takumi, Alaska and Lara. As they are talking they start talking about personal things and she asks him what labyrinth means. Let's Get Started, bACK, nEXT, cite This Page. 5) My predictions for the next section are that it will be very unpredictable. You just use the future to escape the present (Green 54). To what degree do we get to know Alaska during this novel? The General in His Labyrinth by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the metaphor of the labyrinth is something to which Alaska and Miles devote considerable thought. Mostly everything in the story happened at the Cluver Creek Boarding School at night which made everything more dramatic and interesting. Since Alaska felt bad that chip and her both were in a relationship, she set him up with the new exchange students from Russia.

Including Pudge and the Colonel, including all of the personal details that you think she would only tell someone she is close with. How do they define this labyrinth throughout the novel. Some drama between the group occurs. During all the commotion of revenge. At the end of the section all of them were drinking in Alaskas room when she wanted to play Truth or Dare. Lara was Alaskas friend who dated Pudge for 2 days. She dared Pudge to make out with her and they did. Even though Pudge never had a history with trouble making he was desperate to be popular essay for brass band and feel like he belonged.

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The whole school was acting like they were friends with Alaska before she died and it make Pudge examples get really mad. And essay is there a way out. Pudge gives his all to impress Alaska. She feels like she has nothing to live for. And throughout the story Pudge describes how he loves her perfect imperfections so the song All of Me is relative to this event. Lara Buterskaya, explains a lot about Alaskas very blunt personality. Destroying her books, john Green introduced the main character with pronouncing that Miles Halter was leaving his school and family in Florida to go to a boarding school in Alabama.

And how would you explain your choice?Alaska ended up dying from driving drunk and hit a police car headlights first as she was trying to give her mother flowers to put by her grave.

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Just a little note from what Ive learned from this story is that, if youre feeling something and you are 100 sure of your feelings go out there and say.