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92 is at.m.I believe that a man who wants something soft and cuddly to hold should buy a teddy bear.This exchange of glances continue on, each resulting in a flirtatious gaze of an ogling female.In the Reebok ad on the next page, we see a woman in action, exercising in her apartment, oblivious to our gaze, and determined in her body movements.

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of viewing women thus defined them by their appearance, in essence their ability to be pleasing to look at, and this carries important weight in the context of contemporary

image culture. This becomes an advocacy for a cinema of the "productive look in which the authoritative look towards objects of desire is destabilized and redirected at more disenfranchised subjects, who then become idealized as cinema object.ii Important to note is the concept of media specificity. Similarly, the desire for these self-images as object a by a public mediated through television or the internet is no different than that of a public addressed directly by the artist or speaker. Voyeurism is the pleasure in looking while not being seen, and carries a more negative connotation of a powerful, if not sadistic, position. In this way, meaning for the viewer is either condensed into metaphor or displaced into metonymy. Clearly, male looking is not without its limitations and its consequences. Mulvey's article posited a comprehensive paradigm that was difficult to overcome. Within media theory and conceptions of the mass media, images of ego-ideals are produced in order to engage the subject in attempts at identification, which as in other instances of the object a, are little more than failed fantasies of how the Other might hold. The idea of the camera as a mechanism cinema of voyeurism has been often discussed, since, for instance, the position of viewers of cinema can be seen as voyeuristic -they sit in a darkened room. It is through our marginal relegation in the context of media and the object a that we must assess what occurred in our attempts at the reciprocity of desire with the unobtainable realm of the Real. In contemporary advertising, for instance, the idea of a powerful or disempowering gaze is often the source of a joke or counter gaze. Instead, it exists only as an ideal image of the other, which tempts us with the fascination of knowing more, and ultimately becomes the point of inscrutability, or the 'abolishment' of any representation of symbol of the Other's desire for. Or, in the words of Lacan, "that object is the one to which we come. Kristi McGuire The University of Chicago : Theories of Media : Keywords Glossary : object_petit_a. 82: Today, we are surrounded on a daily basis by images of fashion models whose looks conform to a rigid set of normative codes about beauty. But now the image has become separable, transportable. Earlier this semester we watched a film by Preston Sturges, The Lady Eve. Boston, MA: South End Press, 1992. The scene comes to close about 8 minutes in with Jeans own attempt to get Pikes attention, by tripping him. In this perspective, women are not seen as admirable counterparts but as objects of desire. What kind of gaze does this image invoke? Lacan and his successors often discussed the object a as the personified circularity of the gaze, which is discussed in terms of endowment and entrapment, as in the discussion of the focus of the viewer's 'awry' gaze on the skull in Holbein's The Ambassadors (Image. When treated as the object a, these forms of transmission become the empty alterity of that which, though incarnated, cannot be represented.

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Brings to focus the overwhelming use of the heterosexual male perspective in cinema. quot; the split self of the viewer is always connected to the idea that the gaze is omnipresent. Or remove the object a from its place of inscrutable centrality in his attempts at identification. As Pirandello describes it, it is also possible to see images that deflect a possessive gaze and gazes that are respectful and nonobjectifying. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema how to write an essay hsc the symbolic order of the gaze constitutes a psychoanalytic desire for narrative and visual power. However, in her essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. Writing in" in other words," this does not cause the subjectviewer to extricate himself from the situation. The feminist film theorists bell hooks and Jacqueline Bobo augmented this discussion of race and spectatorship by arguing that even more complex readings arise for African American female spectators because of their double exclusion on the grounds of gender and race 91 an object.

The purpose of this article is to offer a brief explanation to some of key elements.Laura, mulvey s, visual, pleasures and narrative cinema.What, mulvey identified was the complete dominance of masculine consciousness addressed through these modes of spectatorship.

Men were depicted in action and women as objects to be looked. In these paintings," s psychoanalytic theory took the binary categories of male and female as core elements in their theories of how subjects are formed. Yet, other ads play off these traditions by quotes about writing letters reversing them and showing both how to write language skills in australian resume the pleasure of looking at men as objects. For cues on how to best articulate the ways in which film functions as a system of language. These structures are inescapable, the men gaze upon the female figures as possessions. S refusal to acknowledge their presence, race and Representation, by portraying women in demure 1993. Both of these terms acknowledge the ways in which reciprocal relationships of looking can be sources of pleasure. In the diet Coke ad, black Looks, one evocative of the work of modern artist Henri Matisse.

As a result, female spectators have no access to it other than through the male gaze that consistently objectifies the female spectator's onscreen counterpart.This ad wants its target audience (women who exercise and wear sports shoes) to identify with particular codes of self-empowerment (exercise, control of one's body, determination) and it uses text to back this up I believe that happy hour /p.Symbolic, Imaginary, and, real to more mediated forms of art and interpretation, like identification with the circularity of the subject's gaze, or the empty or illusory role of silence in sound-based installations.

Changing Concepts of the Gaze

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At the same time, there are ads for female consumers that attempt to usurp the traditions of the male gaze.