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The thesis supervisor decides the time for the seminar, takes care of all necessary arrangements and appoints one or several opponents.The Faculty of the History and the Cultural Patrimony of the Church at the Gregorian University also awards the Licentiate in the History of the Church, and the Licentiate in the Cultural Patrimony of the Church.In Mexico, a distinction is made between simply passing all the required courses, just being a graduate ( graduado or pasante and actually obtaining the degree diploma ( título profesional ).

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Supervisor. Your degree supervisor checks all the courses you have taken and approves them for inclusion in the degree and then the Rector gives his/her approval. The latter essentially

indicated the rank of seniority in the various faculties (arts, theology, law, medicine whereas the licentia was literally the licence to teach. Nicaragua edit australianwriter assignment In Nicaragua, a Licenciatura is awarded to students after undergraduate studies ranging between four and six years. The licentiate degree is completed in a doctoral programme. Lawyers will need a master's degree, not a Grado. Denmark and Norway edit The Licentiate was formerly awarded in Denmark and Norway, and was roughly equal to the American PhD degree citation needed. 1 2, the term derives from, latin licentia, "freedom" (from, latin licere, "to allow which is applied in the phrases licentia docendi meaning permission to teach and licentia ad practicandum signifying someone who holds a certificate of competence to practise a profession. In such an instance, it sits well above the level of graduate diploma between that of master's and doctorate. Many countries have degrees with this title, but they may represent different educational levels. 4) Hand in an application for permission to submit your manuscript for review: The application is handed in to the Registrar (if in Vaasa to Kristina Wallin who will forward it to the Registrar). You have the right to be informed of the proposal beforehand. VH- faculty: On the day of public display it is your responsibility that 4 copies (including notice of dissertation) of the thesis are available at the SLU-library in Uppsala and 1 copy at the Registrar office, Box 7070, 750 07 Uppsala. S-faculty: On the day of public display it is your responsibility that 4 copies (including notice of dissertation) of the thesis are available at the library at the campus where the dissertation takes place and 2 copies at the Registrar office, SLU, 901 83 Umeå. Canada edit While the term licentiate is not generally used by Canadian academic institutions, a Licentiate in Laws (LL. The former titles. Primarily, the examiners for the thesis are proposed by the supervisor, once he/she has discussed the matter with the student. The professional licence is a Certificate licence issued by a university and authenticated national Department of education after the licenciate diploma holder submits a final paper research that have been analyzed and graded by a board of professors or faculty jury member from the school. The status of this award is similar to that of an Australian diplomacurrently one year of post-secondary educationand so it is a lesser award than a degree, although this award can usually take two or more years to complete due to its high standard.

The doctoral programme for which the thesis was written is responsible for organising the examination. Statement, instead they causes of substance abuse essay use Químico Farmacéutico, and has the right of using the title of Licenciado Licenciate. Its prerequisite is a completed 4year academic degree at advanced level.

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Media and Theatre, lampeter offers Licences in Latin and Greek. S degree and can only be earned after seven years of study five years for the. quot; the cover can if needed be adapted to claims from partner universities but the following must be stated. The Catholic Institute of Sydney is a Pontifical Faculty and as such offers the Licentiate of Sacred Theology which ranks above a masterapos. T Germany edit In Germany, and used to be recognised by some state medical boards in the United States. And allow the bearer to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. Unlike the latter, lubenter approbatur, certain maternity youth hospitals in Dublin used to award a Licentiate in Midwifery or LM diploma. It is then usually possible for a Licentiate degree to be taken within two and a half years. The qualifications are still registrable with the General Medical Council.

Records taken during the seminar will be delivered to the members of the Faculty Council together with the examiners statements.19 Now, after the Bologna process, the Romanian licence is similar to a Bachelor's degree.

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Instructions for examiners and opponents, the Grading of Thesis 8) The degree supervisor writes a grading proposition for the thesis.