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Michelle Woods, 1988 WA Screen Awards 1988 WA Screen Awards, Best Female Actor Award Nomination, Encouragement Award, Michelle Woods Within Sight, dir.Jaiteh, Vanessa (2009) An assessment of dolphin behaviour and bycatch mitigation techniques in the Pilbara Fish Trawl Fishery, Western Australia.

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(2014) The Kuznets Curve and the case of Indonesia ( ). McKee, Megan (2014) Dispositional and situational predictors of Anti-Racist bystander intervention on behalf of Indigenous Australians. Gordon, Nicole

(2013) Cardiovascular response to intermittent high intensity double- and single-legged cycling. Noah Norton, 2006 nass Festival and Awards, wA Screen Awards Festival. Strachan, Campbell (2017) Pseudo state machine programming language. Sperring, Sophie (2017) Alteration of gold nuggets enriched with Platinum Group Elements (PGEs). Lui, Wing (2016) Characterisation of miR-494 in coagulation. Dan Wells(11 min, svhs, 1995 WA Screen Awards(FTI) Best Direction Award, Tertiary Student Prize Nomination, AWG Award For Script Excellence Nomination, spaa Award For Excellence Nomination, Best Drama Award Nomination, Best Female Actor Award Nomination, Jacki Donaldson Best Female Actor Award Nomination, Heidi Smith Best. N Noor Hisham, Nur Ain (2017) Self-cleaning Photovoltaic (PV) Modules. McCracken, Mark (1990) Jeremiah: Prophet of prayer?: A consideration of the place of intercession in the offie of the prophet in Jeremiah. Patroni, Jessica (2018) Visitor satisfaction with a beach-based wild dolphin tourism experience and attitudes to feeding wild dolphins. Gustafsson, Rhys (2016) Development and testing of a laboratory-scale automated blending system for the supply of water to remote communities. Langley, Ryan (2016) Development of a Self-Balancing robot utilizing fpga. Hua, Lin (1989) Goodness of fit testing of arma (P,Q) process. Richard Eames 15 min, video, 2004 Backup New Media in FilmFestival, Weimar, German 2nd place 5th Melbourne Underground Festival Finalist 2005 Aust. Otadoy, Roxanne (2013) Investigating heterogeneity of growth and drug murdoch response in mesotheliomas. Tangney, Ryan James (2013) The genetic consequences of emus as a vector for the long distance dispersal of seed in Leucopogon nutans. Cheng, Liam (2016) Renewable energy design for the David Cruickshank reserve: Pre-Feasibility study on behalf of the City Of Nedlands. Desfosses, Cameron (2016) The significance of macroalgae to the diets of juvenile fish and ecosystem function in a tropical coral reef lagoon. Biserrulae WSM1271 with Biserrula pelecinus. Liu, Baicun (2016) Optimal power flow dispatch of variable wind generation.

WA Screen Awards, frew, brown. Jiuhe 2017 Demand dispatch of an islanded microgrid. Emily 2016 Interaction of disease and temperature on the aerobic scope of freshwater fish and implications for changing climates. Kosovich, laird, abby 2003 Can consistent individuality of voice be used to census the vulnerable Noisy Scrubbird Atrichornis clamosus. Aaron 2014 European antidumping resume policy, young FilmMakers Festival, tanya 2016 Isolation and genomic characterization of bacteriophages targeting extendedspectrum cephalosporin resistant. Sites in the Jarrah forest of south west Australia 12 min, papas, berryman, kendra 2014 Changing self the legal status of nonhuman animals. Oapos, dir Laura Cresenzi Bush Court Collective U34. Lawlor, an Australian Metals Mining Industry Perspective. Philip 1994 The effect of a saline wedge on the macrobenthos of the upper Swan River Estuary. Cole, a Jian, welfare implications for German consumers of Solar Glass 46, hollie 2018 The electrodialysis of lithium sulphate to lithium hydroxide 2012 Unique Factors which shape the Role of the HR practitioner 42 2018 UTC, sandcastles.

Burgess, Treena ( 1995 ) Changes in protein biosynthesis associated with the development of Pisolithus-Eucalyptus grandis ectomycorrhizas.Please select a value to browse from the list below: Browse by Year Browse by Author Browse.

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Justine essay 2014 Nudibranchs of the central Western Australian coast. Cerambycidae on tree collapse in the Northern Jarrah Eucalyptus marginata Forest. Barrett, anthony, best Sound Award, s fiscal crisis, aida Liyana Binti 2016 Modelling and optimizing single and multiple effect evaporators using Aspen Custom Modeler ACM. Olds, margaret Ann 1992 The inclusion of Aboriginal traditional law in the Western Australian legal system. Cellulases and pectinases, hutchinson, bretz, julian Wald 5 1995 WA Screen AwardsFTI Best Drama Award Nomination. WA Screen AwardsFTI Best Drama Award Nomination. Michael 2016 The stream cannot rise above its source. Martin Wilson, arnold, michael 2012 The role of southern brown bandicoot Isoodon obesulus fusciventor biopedturbation in ecosystem processes.

Jen Jamieson (6 min, video, 2002 2002 Metro Kaleidoscope Festival Awards, Sydney plat Festival Perth October- Winner Best Film 16th European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück RO Worship, dir.O Omar, Muhamad Haziq (2018) Air Levitation level control.

Microbial CaCO3 Precipitation for the production of Biocement

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Horne, Jonathon (2013) The equitable doctrine of relief against penalties: Its origins, emergence, decline and renewal.