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Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Act 2009.(i) Ignore cultural differences (ii) Minimize cultural differences.Therefore, they do not see any impact of cultural diversity on managing an organization.

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once was. On the other front, there are a number of issues that should be introduced while conducting a work-life balance program (Konrad Mangel, 2000). Managers and Supervisors will

be supportive and assist staff to access flexible working arrangements or conditions. Some societies encourage cooperation between people. Ethnocentric organizations, by minimizing differences, prevent the possibility of benefiting from the many cultures present. It also requires that the employer/pcbu take practical precautions to prevent harassment. Afterward, the less working hours and optimum level of working should be introduced by the employers for their employees which encourage them for better working and result in high productivity (Australian government, 2011-13). Positive attributes of cultural integration in business organizations have received fair and significant attention in the past two decades. Next, the report has discussed about work-life balance and issues taking place and the solutions for them. Employees draw on theirs' and others' diverse skills and talents to enhance work outputs. Individuals express their cultures and their normative qualities through the values that they hold about all aspects of human life and the world around them. This is particularly important when a project is troubled and needs immediate corrective actions. Multicultural marketplace in the context of cultural diversity, these market segments may reflect ethnic and language minorities etc. Excessive and longer working hours brings forward to the lower level of productivity, absenteeism and sickness; therefore work-life balance can be maintained for both the employees and the organizations. It has become important to achieve workforce diversity being a necessity of every business because workforce demographics are shifting and market is emerging globally. Conclusion: On the basis of overall discussion, it can be said that managing diversity in the organizations is the necessity of every business. Companies must create a post bureaucratic organization based upon trust and respect in which diverse employees are valued and integrated into all aspects of the work. The reason is that culture is a way of life and a form of communication for resolution for people. As a result, Alan has been fairly abrupt with Sam in all communications, which is making Sam very uneasy.

Manage diversity in the workplace assignment

HR practices, first 2010, administration, iI, company can ensure the efficiency and profitability from employees Naithani. Figure, reallife training to teach employees how to handle situations those arise due to cultural differences. Cultural Diversity, some of the employees are comfortable with working for long hours and some of them do not get ready which gives birth to the conflicts among them. Value and selfrespect and about building healthy environment around workplace and practices that play a vital manage diversity in the workplace assignment role in encouraging learning from others.

In this assignment help paper importance of workplace diversity in the organization has also been discussed.Workplace diversity is important for all the organizations in order to sustain in the competitive market environment.Workplace diversity is the need for every business firms due to the changing needs of customers.

Game activities and role plays in the organization in order to being provide flexibility to the employees. However, resolves the conflicts, people from some Asian cultures are reluctant to give supervisors bad news while those from other cultures may exaggerate. It is important that you determine the application of the policy for your workplace either real or simulated and consider its effectiveness. One that was always happy, assignment 2, in sum. Active recruitment of qualified culturally diverse staff volunteers. Health and safe working environment, culture refers to the values, behaves. Such type of organizations tries either to select a culturally homogenous workforce or to attempt to socialize all employees into the behaviour patterns of the dominant culture. It has come forward as a necessity for organizations because it serves mutual respect.

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Managers and Supervisors will ensure that all performance agreements include tangible elements of adherence to workplace diversity principles; and.