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Unsuccessful results, result review and pass conceded Can I request a review of my result?Final results are always whole numbers and do not have decimal places.RIA means Result not finalised - special assessment task.

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results website for information about the process and how to apply for a review of results. Due dates The due date of the assignment is the last day on

which your assignment must reach your Faculty or be the power of nature essay submitted on your online unit site in DeakinSync, (please check the cut-off time for due assignments in your unit guide). The eligibility criteria are outlined in clauses 46-51 of the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure. Exams Can I request to see my exam paper? Student Central and speak to a Student Adviser. If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, or the outcome of your results, it is best to speak to your Unit Chair or Unit Coordinator. Am I eligible for a pass conceded? Learn more about this process further down this page. An RI is typically resolved within 10 working days of the official result release day. You should expect to receive your results within 10 working days after the completion of your special examination. Hard copy not accepted, warrnambool - Hard copy not accepted. The eligibility criteria are outlined in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure. You can find their details in your online unit site in DeakinSync. Where is my exam? Routine feedback will not normally be provided to students for individual exam papers. Unfortunately we cannot format the text to fit neatly into the window no quote for english essay of every type of mobile phone. How do I register to receive my results by SMS? To receive your results via SMS, simply click the 'Yes' box, then click 'Submit' to save. For a full list of all current results and their meanings, you can view the. For example, a message where there is no result for a unit may look like: Your Trimester 1 Unit Results are: MSC709- MSC751-51P; How this is displayed will depend on your mobile phone. You should expect to receive your results within 10 working days after the submission of your special assessment task. If you are still unsure, check your Unit Guide, contact your Unit Chair. Has your assignment been received? If your result was finalised after the official result release date, it may take up to a week before it is available on StudentConnect. You may apply to the Unit Chair to check the administrative accuracy of your result. Yes, if you are upset or worried after receiving your results or need to talk through any personal issues, Deakin has counselling an psychological support services for students all year round. Should you need to submit a hard copy at a campus and you are permitted to do so, see table below for locations.

Mis 775 assignment 2 deakin

If you study via the Cloud Campus. Elgar Road, should I reenrol in case it is unsuccessful. But I have a what question for my lecturerunit chair. But a pass conceded cannot be awarded due to professional registration or accreditation requirements the conditions for awarding a pass conceded have not been 2018 8, there is also a formal process to apply for a review of places result through each Faculty within 5 working days.

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Mis 775 assignment 2 deakin

Ll also find other telephone and identity chat services contact details such. If you have any other general questions about results and review processes please contact. The Unit Chair may advise you to apply for special consideration where. Coversheets and faculty specific assignment information The following faculties have some additional information on their websites relating to assignment extensions and coversheets. Further information can be found at Campus based exams. You were unable to apply for an extension before the due date or rescheduling is impractical or you have requested more than two weeksapos. Hard copy not accepted, at the end of each study period.

The Unit Chair may ask you to supply supporting documentation about the difficulties you are facing, and evidence of the work you have completed so far.A special assessment task has been granted in response to an application for Special Consideration.Can I pass a unit even if I don't submit all of the assessment items?

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If you are unsure if your assignment has been received, you should contact your Faculty or Unit Chair.